Project Description

Rackvantage Food Plot Enhancer

Rackvantage Food Plot Enhancer is a cost-effective, easy-to-apply product that enhances food plots and provides stronger root structure. This allows for optimum graze-ability! Foliar feeding Rackvantage provides a higher leaf-to-stem ratio for improved nutrition. The unique “no-burn” formula means you can apply Rackvantage as often as you like.

Achieve your best food plot, the healthiest wildlife, and possibly… your best hunting experience ever! It provides their habitat with the nutrition they need by enhancing your food plots with Rackvantage. Consider the advantages:

  • Foliar applied – easy to use
  • For use on all soil types
  • Works great on all plots
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Better root development
  • Withstands grazing pressure
  • Higher leaf to stem ratio
  • Cost effective
  • Can not be applied too often
  • Rain-fast in 2 hours
  • Healthier food plots, healthier wildlife

Rackvantage Food Plot Enhancer is more than just a fertilizer – it feeds the plant! It is compatible with all varieties of wildlife seed assortments (including both cool and warm season food plot mixtures): white clover, red clover, crimson clover, wheat, oats, peas, alfalfa, soybeans, buckwheat, sunflower, millet, sorghum, deer vetch, and annual and perennial grasses, legumes, as well as native grasses. This product can also be applied to natural vegetation such as fruit bearing trees, honeysuckle and other plants that are either natural food sources or provide wildlife cover.

This product is suggested as a supplement to your current fertility program. This product is readily available to the plant when foliar applied. Rackvantage Food Plot Enhancer is environmentally friendly, has a low salt index, is nearly pH neutral, and is compatible with most herbicides and insecticides. Jar test before adding other chemicals.

“As a farmer, I was skeptical until it was proven to me on my own farm. My food plots have healthier plants, more color, bigger roots and stalks, and double to triple head size on sunflowers that were sprayed with Rackvantage Food Plot Enhancer compared to untreated sunflowers. I would definitely recommend Rackvantage to anyone growing food plots.”
David Huttsell, Farmer, Southern Indiana