Rackvantage Food Plot Enhancer is an easy-to-apply spray-on plant food for food plots. It is more than just a fertilizer – it feeds the plant… and healthier plants mean a healthier herd! Learn more here.

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Rackvantage on Jim Strader Great Outdoors Show

Check out Paul Parker and Jim Strader as they discuss the positive affects Rackvantage has on the health of the herd and food plots — on the Great Outdoors show, April 2015. Listen here.

A Truly Revolutionary Wildlife Food Plot Product!

By Jim Strader, Outdoorsman and radio host

Let’s face it, when you are hunting deer, turkeys, doves, waterfowl or other wildlife, you know that food dictates their daily movement patterns. Simply put, wildlife goes where they […]

“Here at Jackson Purchase Outfitters, we used Rackvantage on our 2012 food plots; even in drought conditions, our food plots produced tons of forage using Food Plot Enhancer. Awesome product.”
Mike Cunningham, Murray, Kentucky , Farmer
“The Rackvantage product changed that in just one season. To say I have been pleased with the results would be a major understatement, I am blown away with the difference this product has made in such a short time.”
> Bill Bellis, Triple B Farm, Port Royal, Kentucky
“I sprayed 9 acres of soybeans with Rackvantage and was totally blown away with what I saw. The deer completely demolished the field to the point that it had to be replanted. Rackvantage increased the palatability of the plant. I did not spray the field next to it, and the deer did not touch it!”
> Todd Carter, LaGrange,Kentucky. Farmer/Wildlife Manager, Evolution Land Management

Check out Monty’s on RFD-TV !

Monty’s was once again on RFD-TV Rural America Live — February 9, 2015. Monty’s Vice President of Agronomy Joe Dedman was Joined by Jim Stetson and Chris Brown from Ag View FS in Illinois and Reggie Baker, a grower from North Carolina. They discussed what growers can do this season to get higher yields – even when commodity prices are low. In addition, they discussed soil health and the successes they are seeing in the field with the entire line of Monty’s products – including Monty’s Liquid Carbon.